Cosmetic Dentistry

We believe that teeth need to look like teeth so any work that we do needs to blend in. All of our routine dental treatments aspire to achieve this using tried and tested high quality materials in the way that they should be used.


Indirect veneers are pre-made facings that are glued to the prepared outer surface of your teeth creating a new and natural shape, colour and character. Veneers should blend seamlessly into the scheme of your natural teeth. Veneers are made usually in ceramics or plastics which are chosen for their wear and aesthetic characteristics.

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Crown & Bridge

Crowns are sometimes referred to as ‘caps’, they permanently cover your natural tooth with effectively a false tooth. Crowns are made in a dental laboratory from a broad choice of materials which are usually ceramic based. Crowns may be suggested to you for a number of indications which may include:

  1. To structurally reinforce a broken or heavily filled tooth.
  2. To recreate the proper shape or form of a tooth to improve function when eating.
  3. To change to shape or form of a tooth to something which is aesthetically more pleasing.
  4. To change the colour of a discoloured tooth.
  5. To recreate effective contact points with adjacent teeth, slack or open contacts are often prone to food trapping which creates irritation and can lead to gum disease.

Crowns at UDentistry Ilkley

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Crowns at UDentistry Ilkley

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Bridges are fixed and permanent solutions for missing teeth where the support for the replacement false tooth comes from teeth adjacent to the gap being filled. Bridges are available in an extensive range of designs, your dentist will advise which options are appropriate considerations for your case. Most bridges are made as a ceramic outer layer overlaying a metal based framework. Some situations allow the use of all ceramic bridges.

Improving Old Denistry

Dental restorations age sometimes in not the most graceful of ways but an ugly filling or crown is not necessarily clinically failing. If you have dental work that offends you in the form of discoloured patched up teeth or the tell tale black lines at the margins of your crowns, then updating weary old dentistry is often a course of simple and straightforward treatment.

Old and new